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High Speed Doors

We are pleased to be able to offer Albany High Speed Doors for our corporate clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

When compared to Rolling Metal Doors you'll find that Albany High Speed doors offer these distinct advantages:

High Speed Door Benefits Chart
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Savings on maintenance costs
  • Savings on energy costs
  • Savings on service costs
  • Savings on labor costs
  • Average Annual Cost savings of $6,000/year

The quality of the doors adds new elements of functionality and ensures increased durability and improved reliability - saving your company time and money.

When sealing doors open more rapidly it allows for a more efficient flow of materials and saves energy costs because the industrial door opens more quickly than lower-performance counterparts. This helps reduce the costs of air escaping from climate controlled or CA environments, and reduces the exposure of clean facilities to external air flows.

Check out the Albany Door website for additional information on their advanced safety features. Because Albany High Speed Doors are made of durable, longer lasting fabrics, and steel or aluminum mechanical components, they are built to last! One million cycles of operation are common.

Click here to see types of Albany High Speed Doors.

Installations and Service in the Pacific Northwest

Overhead Door Co. of Yakima has been installing and servicing high-speed doors for over 20 years.  Our Lead Technician has been installing these doors since the 90s and has completed installer schools and been certified by both the Rytec and Albany.  Another of our installers has just completed the Albany school with certification.  Because we place great emphasis on cross-training, all of our techs are rotated through high-speed service calls so that they are familiar with the doors, in case they get an emergency call.  Of course, they also call each other for support on the job; ensuring that you are getting the best possible service at every call.

Industries where we haved installed high speed doors in the Northwest:

  • Fruit processing and warehousing
  • Hay storage and distribution facilities
  • Premium auto dealerships
  • Parking garages
  • Manufacturing and Service facilities
  • Cold storage and controlled atmostphere (CA) facilities
  • and other industries

Contact Overhead Door in Yakima to find out how Albany High Speed Doors can save your company money!